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People are talking about The York Social

We have worked with Chef O’Hare of O Cuisine for over 10 years and she is like family to us. She is a purist and perfectionist and only uses the freshest and best ingredients for her delicious food.
Hee-Jung M.

Looking for a unique experience in culinary imagination, you can do no better than working with Annie O’Hare at The York Social. Annie’s creative options gives you an invitation to participate in your event from initiation to the smile you display when departing the premises on the Upper East Side. Annie not only prepares great food she brings together a setting that allows lively conversation. We are planning our second “Gala” and can’t wait.
Bill Mc.

O Cuisine has catered our parties for many years. Annie’s hors d’oeuvres are superb with a large selection to choose from. At each of our parties, numerous guests ask for her cards because they have never tasted any other canapés as wonderful. And her walnut brownies at her shop, The York Social are to die for!
Lois S.

My kids and I love this cozy neighborhood cafe when we want decadent chocolate treats or delicious energy packed muffins! I stop by in the morning and enjoy my muffin with a creamy latte. So good! It’s easy to swing by for an afternoon treat too!
Ellen L.